Lykos’ pain is others’ gain as psychedelic biotechs take notes from adcomm vote

Lykos’ near-unanimous rejection from an FDA advisory panel earlier this month jolted a psychedelics industry that seemed to be finally hitting its stride. But the race to market is far from over.

“Our phones have been ringing off the hook since [Lykos’] adcomm, with entities who maybe were less familiar with us but who [now] understand our research more and understand the point of the scalability,” Delix Therapeutics CEO Mark Rus said.

Mark Rus

Researchers and academics spent decades working to legitimize psychedelics’ therapeutic potential for illnesses — Lykos opened its first IND in 2001, when it was known as MAPS — and the advisory committee meeting marked a major milestone on the road to approval.

But sustained interest in the wider class seemed imperiled after Lykos’ failures were surgically dissected and advisors voted 11 to 1 against the risk-benefit profile of…
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