The Endpoints Slack interview: Saji Wickramasekara on where AI misses the mark — and what’s next for Benchling

As a 22-year-old undergraduate, Saji Wickramasekara followed a well-worn tech world script that remains nearly unheard of in biotech — he dropped out of MIT and co-founded a startup.

Twelve years later, Wickramasekara is still running Benchling, a company that sells R&D software to drugmakers and scientists, acting like a digital lab notebook. Benchling has grown from one of the first life sciences startups in Y Combinator to a company valued at $6.1 billion in a 2021 Series F round.

Wickramasekara joined the top secret Endpoints News Slack room to share his views on the converging worlds of software and life sciences, as well as why he thinks the current AI funding focus won’t lead to more medicines. The conversation has been minimally edited for clarity.

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