BIOSECURE’s Surprise Absence, the $100+ Billion Future Weight-Loss Market, DIA and More

Published: Jun 18, 2024 By Heather McKenzie, Greg Slabodkin, Tyler Patchen, Lori Ellis

The Weekly BioSpace News Podcast

We’re off to a rocky start this week on the clinical side, with some safety issues. ⁠BioNTech and MediLink’s ADC⁠ was placed on partial hold after multiple patient deaths, and some safety concerns were also revealed for Gilead’s blood cancer therapy magrolimab.  

But on a more upbeat note, DIA in San Diego is filled with hope of ⁠collaboration⁠ and a focus on the patient experience. Head of Insights Lori Ellis joins BioSpace’s editorial team to discuss what’s she’s observed so far at the meeting and what she’s looking forward to in the coming days.  

In global geopolitical news, the ⁠BIOSECURE Act⁠ was unexpectedly left out of the DoD’s spending bill. But that doesn’t mean the legislation is going anywhere, and…
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