Inside CVS Caremark’s move that broke Humira’s hold on the market

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For the first time in April, biosimilars started to gain a larger share of the Humira market. Up until that point, the market felt unimpeachable, with AbbVie’s Humira retaining 96% of the share by February. That changed when Humira came off the formulary of CVS Health’s pharmacy benefit manager Caremark.

So far, Caremark remains the only major PBM to remove Humira from its formulary, though others like Cigna have taken steps to increase biosimilar use.

New prescriptions for Hyrimoz, the main biosimilar version CVS included on its formulary, jumped in the month of April, accounting for about a third of new prescriptions each week, according to IQVIA data pulled by Evercore analyst Elizabeth Anderson. As of the end of April,…
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