Generative AI Finds Its Footing in Drug Development


Pictured: Robot hand holding microscope, pill bottles and DNA/Taylor Tieden for BioSpace

Xaira Therapeutics launched April 23 with $1 billion behind it to apply artificial intelligence to drug discovery and development. It was the largest initial commitment from backer ARCH Venture Partners in the biotech-focused fund’s nearly 40-year history, highlighting the flood of interest and investment in harnessing the power and potential of generative AI to advance the biopharma industry.

While AI has been used in biopharma R&D and marketing for years, generative AI is a newer variety that can produce new ideas, words, images, audio and video. The generative AI trend in the industry was precipitated by the November 2022 release of ChatGPT, said Ben Mabey, chief technology officer of AI drug discovery firm Recursion Pharmaceuticals. “[That] triggered the imaginations of execs across the board.”

Some companies are working directly with ChatGPT developer…
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