Opinion: Can Ketamine Be Safely Used at Home?


Pictured: Collage of woman on bed with ketamine pills/Taylor Tieden for BioSpace

The week before Easter 2024, many of the world’s leading ketamine researchers gathered at the annual conference for ketamine and related compounds at the Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford. The first day ended with a debate about the suitability of at-home administration of ketamine for depression, preceded and followed by a vote from the audience. The vote before the debate was slightly opposed to using ketamine as a treatment for depression to be taken at home. However, after the exchange of expert opinions, the subsequent vote was slightly in favor.

Though this apparent swing in the vote may reflect a minor change, the fact that the debate took place is itself noteworthy. It shows that the ketamine scientific community is actively working on how to ensure that the profound and fast-acting antidepressant properties…
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