BridgeBio spinout launches with $200M for KRAS cancer drugs

  • A group of well-known biotechnology investors is putting $200 million into a newly launched spinout of BridgeBio Pharma developing drugs that target two common cancer genes.
  • BridgeBio Oncology Therapeutics, which was previously organized as a BridgeBio subsidiary called TheRas, will advance three drug candidates. Two aim at cancers driven to growth by mutations in a gene called KRAS, while the other blocks signaling between two proteins often involved in tumor development.
  • Comorant Asset Management led the financing, along with Omega Funds. Nine other venture firms participated, including Deerfield Management and GV.

Up until not that long ago, BridgeBio Oncology Therapeutics would have had a more difficult pitch to investors.

Cancer drug researchers for decades had sought to pin down the oncogene KRAS, errors in which were identified as common catalysts for tumors of the lungs, colon and pancreas. Their efforts were universally unsuccessful, earning KRAS a reputation…
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