Roche doubles down on high-impact projects after slashing 20% of its pipeline

Roche has axed one-fifth of its pipeline since the third quarter of 2023 as part of a broader portfolio review aimed at boosting the company’s focus on high-impact projects.

“We’ve taken out 20% of our molecules that have a lower likelihood to succeed, and we’ve added new ones through partnering,” CEO Thomas Schinecker said on a first-quarter earnings call with the media. It’s part of normal business to prioritize and “constantly reallocate,” he added.

Schinecker drew an analogy between the company and swans on a lake, where “you see a lot of movements under the water, but you don’t necessarily see it above the water.” He said, “I think that’s what we’re trying to achieve … making sure that the money that we have, we put it to the best use for patients and also for our organization.”

Roche is aiming for a pipeline that is composed of 80% best-in-disease…
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