BMS Taps Cellares in $380M CAR-T Cell Therapy Manufacturing Agreement

Published: Apr 22, 2024 By Tyler Patchen

Bristol Myers Squibb_hapabapa/iStock

Pictured: Bristol Myers Squibb office in Brisbane, California/iStock, hapabapa

Bristol Myers Squibb has signed a $380 million worldwide capacity reservation and supply deal with manufacturer Cellares to bolster the pharma’s CAR-T cell therapy production, the companies announced Monday.

Cellares said it plans to automate and tech transfer “select” CAR-T cell therapies from BMS to its manufacturing platform, the Cell Shuttle. The agreement aims to expand the manufacturing capacity and potentially improve the turnaround time for BMS’ CAR-T therapies. In return, Cellares will get upfront and milestone payments that total up to $380 million.

According to Cellares, its Cell Shuttle is an end-to-end, fully automated cell therapy manufacturing platform for the clinical and commercial-scale production of CAR-T cell therapies. A single-cell shuttle system uses robotics and other automated systems…
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