Inside Nvidia’s plan to dominate biotech’s AI revolution

Over the last decade, one tech giant after another has tried to get into healthcare and failed. Amazon’s attempt to reshape costs and delivery sputtered into nothing, IBM’s Watson Health ended in disarray, and Alphabet’s well-funded projects like Verily and Calico have yet to produce anything near the impact of its core tech business.

So why has Nvidia succeeded?

The chipmaker has become the dominant entity in biopharma R&D’s hottest area — using artificial intelligence to design drugs. It’s built a $1 billion-plus revenue stream in health and appears to be winning the argument that this may finally be tech’s healthcare moment — albeit not in the way past challengers thought it would be.

Along the way, Nvidia’s leather-jacket-wearing, vision-slinging CEO Jensen Huang has turned into biopharma’s highest-profile pitchman, selling a future of biology digitized. In addition to the coveted H100 chips at the heart of its business, it also…
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