Gilead partners for ballroom dancing workshop on sexual health and HIV prevention

Jason A. Rodriguez is a longtime vogue ballroom dancer, teacher and actor — and now a Gilead collaborator for a new kind of ballroom house the pharma company calls the “House of Healthysexual.”

Rodriguez will host a special event next week in New York, sponsored by Gilead, to connect with the LGBTQ+ ballroom community through vogue dance lessons while also sharing other dancers’ experiences and talking about the importance of sexual health and HIV prevention.

“These are very tight communities that support each other in a very established network,” said Manny Rodriguez, Gilead’s director of US public affairs for HIV communications. “Our goal here is to empower the community to take the first step of prioritizing their sexual health.”

Ballroom dance culture, including Jason A. Rodriguez’s specific vogue modern ballroom style, includes different “family” houses with LGBTQ+ dancers joining their preferred groups. Gilead’s one-day house via the workshop is meant…
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