It takes GUTS to be BOLD: A look at the new biotech tickers

As the public markets heat up in biotech, industry insiders expect a small drumbeat of IPOs later this spring, and that means a new set of stock tickers to track.

Next up is BOLD, the proposed name of Boundless Bio’s Nasdaq stock. Using that name would mark a return for the ticker, which freed up after Astellas bought Audentes Therapeutics for $3 billion in 2019. Boundless is expected to make its Wall Street debut in the coming weeks after unveiling plans to go public earlier this month.

Biotech tickers have traditionally stuck to letters that encompass their name, like RayzeBio’s RYZB. Others rely on their chosen modality, like Moderna’s MRNA. And some go the route of the technology they’re deploying — like Editas Medicine’s EDIT for gene editing, while four-letter names often beget four-letter symbols, like JAZZ.

Joshua Pinto

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