Sanofi’s CEO on the consumer divestiture, a future in weight loss, antitrust and AI’s secrecy wave: Q&A

Last week, Endpoints News executive editor Drew Armstrong sat down with Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson in Boston at the company’s expansive complex. They spoke about how the company is using AI across its business, Sanofi’s plans for the consumer unit it announced last year that it plans to divest, a hint about the company’s very early pipeline, and much more.

The hour-long conversation has been substantially edited for length and clarity.

Paul Hudson: Around 6% to 7% of the people who work in the company work in the laboratory and feel incredibly innovative and passionate and cutting-edge. But the rest are just running big organizations, trying to communicate, share, run accounts payable, etc. Those people need to feel the innovation too. Most organizations in the industry are not necessarily the most cutting-edge. AI is the best way to allow them to do more meaningful work.

Drew Armstrong: You mean how…
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